Picture it…..Philadelphia, 10 years ago. 3 beauty industry professionals with a passion for empowering women with just a little lipstick and a touch of hairspray, decided that working together would be so much more fulfilling than working alone. On that day over pizza and cocktails, Elegance Artistry was born. Sara came with the name and an idea to “build an empire”, one eyeliner and one bride at a time. Rebecca came with a willingness to literally talk to and make friends with any human while insisting that everyone needs a foundation stick. Shannon came with the curling iron, the bobby pins and of course, the glitter! Over the years Elegance Artistry has grown from 3 women with a tiny dream in Philadelphia to do a little hair and makeup, to a team of 15 makeup artists and hair stylists that truly love what they do and love the clients that they serve.  

3 weeks before the word Covid was uttered, we decided to branch out and open 2 new locations in Chicago, IL and Roanoke, VA. We had no idea just how devastating the pandemic would be to our business, our clients, and their families. There was so much loss in 2020 and there were many days when we thought we’d just throw in the towel and call it quits. There were so many tears. After much thought and some prayer about the future, we decided to pull up our bootstraps and do what we do best. Love each other and spread that love one eyeliner, one  lipstick, and one hairstyle at a time.

While most people decided to give their home a facelift, we set our sights on rebranding and giving Elegance Artistry a much needed makeover. Josee of Matelamade, LLC took our numerous pins and was able to translate the “I don’t love it but I don’t know why”, in order to create a fresh new logo and color palette that speaks to our vibe, our cities, and our personalities.

With the help of our Director of Artistry in Chicago, Lauren, and Bernard, Founder of Jack of None Media, LLC, we gave social media an update, learned how to make an Instagram Reel and took a walk down memory lane of all of the amazing clients who have been with us over the years.

2020 was rough but we are STILL HERE!!! We are extremely grateful for the continued love and support of our families, our INCREDIBLE team of Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists, and of course our BEAUTIFUL clients past and present. We may have a new look but we have the same philosophy

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades” ~Audrey Hepburn

With Love,

The Ladies of Elegance Artistry